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the house that love built

Campbell Creek House

Welcome Home!

Anchorage's newest assisted living home, Campbell Creek House (CCH),

is a gem in the heart of Anchorage!

CCH’s state-of-the-art facility was designed with the safety and comfort of your loved ones as the highest priority.  Set in a gorgeous parkside setting, residents live with the beauty of pine trees, wild flowers, and birds chirping just outside the door. Inside, you will be greeted with clean interiors and the smell of fresh, homemade food wafting in the air giving you a feeling of homeiness and comfort you won’t find in any other assisted living facility.

Of course, it would all be for naught without the dedicated, caring staff. Owned and operated by a family whose culture and family values go deep into respect for elders and others needing help and compassion, the loyalty and dedication to residents is unparalleled.

Please stop by so we can get to know you and you us...we'd love to have you here!


A genuinely caring hand on a shoulder, someone willing to take time to put on a coat of fingernail polish, adjust a sunhat or lead a game of bingo filled with laughter... it all happens every day, here at Campbell Creek House.

"My father and I have received extraordinary service from the team at Campbell Creek assisted living. Scott from Campbell Creek contacts transportation companies to transport my father to and from his appointments and events. He keeps me informed of any needs, changes, or worries.

Kim from Campbell Creek ensures my father continues to practice his physical therapy techniques, makes his meals to meet his suggestions, and keeps him active. The team at Campbell Creek believe in encouraging residents to participate in the many group activities and keep a positive disposition always. They are dedicated to always treat residents and their families with dignity and respect."



​Brandi, daughter of a current resident  

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