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Meet the Team

Campbell Creek House Assisted Living Home is staffed with professional caregivers and licensed nurses who have many years of experience in the care of the elderly and disabled.

And that's just the beginning...


Sandy Vasquez



Sandy Vasquez and her husband's desire was to go into a full-time Christian missionary work overseas.  However, God's plan for Sandy was to be with the residents of Campbell Creek House.  Sandy's desire is for Campbell Creek House to be the gold standard in assisted living in Alaska.  Sandy's mission for Campbell Creek House is "To be passionately driven to compassionate and loving care, not profit."

Sandy with her family lives a stone's throw from Campbell Creek House because she just can't stand to be too far away from the residents.  Sandy and her husband have 3 human children and 2 eleven-year old Chiuhuahua who are brother and sister.  Their oldest son is a baker and lives in San Francisco but the other 4 lives in Anchorage.  

the house that love built

Genuine Care

Sang Lee, Owner

Facility Management

When Sang needed to find an assisted living home for his father, their experience was far from pleasant.  The neglect and the disrespect shown toward the elderly was both appalling and eye-opening.  Sang and his family decided then that no one should have to go through that experience when trying to find good care for the people who matter most to them.


It was the wish of the family to create a better assisted living and loving home.  A place where families have peace of mind knowing their elderly parents are lovingly cared for.

Sang believes the elderly of today need assistance and help but they were also yesterday’s fearless pioneers, valiant and selfless soldiers for our country, wise teachers, brave entrepreneurs, and most of all our loving parents.


They shaped the world and paved the way for his generation.  Sang does not see their physical weakness and frailty but their accomplishments and contributions.  The leaders of the past deserve our respect, our admiration, and care.


He still holds the Korean traditional core value of respecting and caring for his elders.  This is not just a business but a mission to provide and serve the segment of our population that is often criminally overlooked and undervalued.

Nelson Vasquez

Daily Caregiver

Nelson proudly served the United States Marine Corp for 21 years where he learned the meaning of honor, courage, and commitment. He learned the value of hard work and seeing things through, no matter what it takes.

It was not long after his retirement from the Marines that he needed to put these skills to work in a very different capacity: he became a full-time caregiver, serving his wife who was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.

She had multiple dangerous surgeries relating to cancer as well as numerous, life-threatening complications.  She needed total care - everything  from getting out of the bed to toileting and dressing.


Nelson understands the physical challenges and emotional hardships families and patients experience as both a caregiver and as a patient himself. Nelson underwent sextuple bypass open heart surgery which changed his life.  From recovery to rehab, every step was a battle in trying to rebuild his body.


From that experience alone, Nelson understands how helpless one feels when one is in the hands of medical professionals and other caregivers.  He knows how easily one’s sense of privacy and dignity can be overlooked or violated, and he won’t soon let that happen to anyone else.


He believes one should not have to sacrifice one’s dignity or respect to receive assistance and care.  He takes deep pride in caring for our residents; for him it’s not a choice, it’s a calling to service once again.  Honor, courage, and commitment: it made him who he is today, and he is committed to giving our residents the care they deserve.

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